Friday, February 15, 2008

You Are Here: Mission To Pillage

Imagine you are part of the McCarty Clan.

You wake up in the morning, eat a quick breakfeast and get your kilt and clothes on and grab your wooden buckler and shortswaord and meet the rest of the clan in the longhouse. The leader of your group of about 14 other people all in the same kilt as you leave the village and take a long walk to another village in a neighboring clans territory.

Guards spot you so you wield your weapon and block with your shield buckler. The guard swings but you hit him first. He falls to the ground and you enter the butcher shop and take the various types of meat and put them in your backpack. You then break the window and go with 6 other people to the inn. People try and defend themselves but you just throw them to the ground and watch as they hit the floor.

Usually in the act of a pillage their would be at least 4 people killed, 6 injured, and $500 in stolen murchandise.

The History of the McCarty Clan

The clan was created in the year 1031 A.D. in the nation of Ireland. The founder of the clan was named Caleb Argue McCarty and named the clan after himself. The family tartan was Green Yellow, and Black. Of course like many other clans the McCarty Clan had many battles and pillages with their neighboring clans. It was believed that the McCarty Clan had more things that they had stolen from pillaging then what they had made themselves. It was also believed that the McCarty Clan had more time invading other clans then spending with their family. Of course many other clans were like this as well.

Mostly the McCarty Clan was like any other celtic clan. But each clan was different from the other. What made the McCarty Clan different was that they had originally been a group of Norsemen who had gotten lost and they landed in Ireland and decided to stay their. Eventually they made their own clan. They had also made their villages and their own docks. This clan was a very interesting in their lifestyle as well.

When the English began to invade the British Isles of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland the clan was united with many other clans to try and run the British out of their lands. Unfortunately the clans were not totally succsesful in doing so. But while the McCarty Clan was battling with the British Army they decided to wear the British Uniforms and sneak into strongholds and forts and burn them to the ground.

The McCarty Clan also was one of those clans that can get easily forgotten about. That is why I posted everything I know so far but every time I find out something new I will post it on here.

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